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Free Man Beyond The Wall

Dec 10, 2018

52 Minutes

Suitable for All Ages

Pete wanted to do an episode on classic voluntaryism so he invited Rodger Paxton to come on the show. Rodger is the host of the wildly popular LAVA Flow Podcast as well as his new podcast, Essential Libertarianism. On Essential Libertarianism, Rodger reads selected readings from...

Dec 7, 2018

48 Minutes

Suitable for All Ages

An article by Market Watch's Atuyla Sarin titled, "Bitcoin is Close to Becoming Worthless" made the rounds on social media and got some people panicking. Pete invited Cointext CTO Vin Armani to come on the show to refute the reporting in the article. Vin also commented on the state of...

Dec 5, 2018

72 Minutes

Suitable for All Ages

Pete did a youTube Livestream last week with Rollo and Slappy of "The Rollo and Slappy Show." They started off talking about the nature of co-ops but quickly pivoted to the topics contained within the title of this episode.

The Rollo and Slappy Show

Dean's Article

Dec 3, 2018

55 Minutes

Suitable for All Ages

Pete welcomes Scott Horton back to the show. Scott is the host of the Scott Horton Show, the Editorial Director at and the Director of He is the author of "Fool's Errand - Time to End the War in Afghanistan."

With all the reports of "conflicts" and...

Nov 30, 2018

79 Minutes

Suitable for All Ages

Pete welcomes Richard Grove to the show. Widely known for his documentary, "The Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend with John Taylor Gatto," Richard is a fountain of knowledge on several subjects. 

In this episode, Richard talks about Gatto, the book "Tragedy and Hope" by Carrol Quigley,...