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The Pete Quinones Show

May 26, 2023

58 Minutes

Safe for Work

Daniel Friberg is the CEO of Arktos Media Ltd.

Daniel joins Pete to talk about several subjects, including what it was like starting a Dissident Right publishing house, how he came to be a promoter of Dissident thought, and how mass immigration affected his home country of Sweden.


May 23, 2023

55 Minutes


Thomas777 is a revisionist historian and a fiction writer.

Thomas continues his dive into the history of the Spanish Civil War (1936–1939), talking about some of the background of the Spanish Inquisition and then presenting evidence of who was responsible for a mass slaughter perpetrated by the...

May 21, 2023

67 Minutes


Paul Fahrenheidt is a podcaster, writer, and founding member of the Old Glory Club.

Pete and Paul did a stream for The Old Glory Club talking about the recent revelations in The Durham Report.

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A Country Squire's...

May 18, 2023

53 Minutes


Pete concludes his reading and commentary on Harold Saltzman's 1972 book, Race War in High School: The Ten-Year Destruction of Franklin K. Lane High School in Brooklyn.

Pete tackles the epilogue on his own.

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May 17, 2023

92 Minutes


The Prudentialist is a geopolitical and cultural commentator.

The Prudentialist joins Pete to read and comment on Ted Kaczynski's 2011 article, "Why the Technological System Will Destroy Itself."

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The Prudentialist's...