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The Pete Quinones Show

Jun 4, 2021

58 Minutes

Safe For Work

John W. “Jack” Travis, MD, MPH, completed his medical degree at Tufts University and a residency in preventive medicine at Johns Hopkins, where he received a Masters in Public Health and created one of the first computerized Health Risk Assessments (HRAs).

Dr Jack joins Pete to describe what he refers to as the "weaponization of vaccines" and specifically concentrates on the CV19 "vaccines"

Vaccine Quiz

The graphic summary of the four studies showing how much healthier unvaxxed kids than the vaxxed are

Mercola interviewing two scientists about the Covid vaccines

Jim Meehan, MD¹s graphic explanation of the relative vs absolute risk differences

Del Bigtree with Naomi Wolf

Get Autonomy

19 Skills PDF Download

The Monopoly On Violence

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