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The Pete Quinones Show

Jul 31, 2019

68 Minutes


Pete recently wrote an article for the Libertarian Institute (where he is now the managing editor) about how the US government going off the Gold Standard allows them to do the worst things they do (war, etc.).

Mr Pseu of the "A Boy Named Pseu" podcast asked Pete to come on and expand on what he wrote...

Jul 26, 2019

70 Minutes


Pete invited Donnie Gebert, the author of "A Direct Republic: The Null Hypothesis of Politics (How to Automate a Legislature)" to the show. Donnie is former military intelligence whose method is meant to transcend party politics. Basically, everyone can get what they want without the initiation of...

Jul 24, 2019

43 Minutes

Some Strong Language

Pete invited U.S. Army Reserve CPT Justin Long to come on the show. Justin has been deployed to Somalia and east Africa as an "information operations officer" and came away with a great deal of knowledge as to not only what the U.S. government is doing there, but also what many other...

Jul 22, 2019

62 Minutes


Pete welcomes editor Ryan McMaken to the show. Ryan has spent much of the last couple years addressing the immigration debate through the articles he writes. He joins Pete to cover what the law says, whether culture matters and what are some libertarian-minded solutions that could be...

Jul 19, 2019

56 Minutes


This is a re-release of Episode 22 that was done on the morning Scott's book 'Fool's Errand' dropped. It is Pete's 3rd interview ever and it shows. Still, Scott delivers a flawless message about the Afghan conflict and foreign policy in general. The sound is lacking but that doesn't discount the amazing...