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The Pete Quinones Show

Apr 27, 2023

74 Minutes


Dimes is the host of the Blood $atellite podcast.

Dimes joins Pete to relate his IRL expertise in marketing and advertising to the ways he sees that we can get our political message across. They also go on several rants about the way people trying to get their message across often sabotage themselves by...

Apr 26, 2023

88 Minutes


John Cullen is an independent researcher.

John joins Pete to go over the research he's done into exactly why the flu had to disappear during the COVID-19 "pandemic.

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Apr 23, 2023

89 Minutes


Tom is the proprietor of the Gold, Goats, and Guns blog and has written for everyone from to NewsMax.

Tom joins Pete to talk about Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's war with Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset and why it bodes well for the US dollar and country going forward. They...

Apr 20, 2023

61 Minutes


Alexander Adams is a poet, artist, art critic, and commentator on culture.

Pete is joined by Alexander as they go over the material in his most recent book, "Blood, Soil, Paint," which was released by Imperium Press. It is described as an essay on Romanticism, explaining the dynamic between blood, soil,...

Apr 18, 2023

61 Minutes


Reed Cooley is the former Vice President of Communications for "Young Americans for Liberty" and the Libertarian National Committee.

Reed joins Pete to discuss the contents and background of the research he's been doing into the growing push to hand black people in the USA "reparations" for the slavery...