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The Pete Quinones Show

Apr 29, 2021

50 Minutes


Aaron is one of the hosts of the Timeline Earth podcast.

Aaron joins Pete to talk about how Marx's Class Theory can be used by Right-Wing Anarchist/Libertarians to radicalize other libertarians and normies alike.

Timeline Earth Podcast

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The Monopoly On Violence

Apr 27, 2021

51 Minutes

Some Strong Language

Stacie is an attorney and host of The Dissent on YouTube.

Pete invited Stacie to come on and expose some of the more interesting points in the file that the average person may gloss over. She finishes revealing information she has compiled about the 2016 DNC hack and events surrounding it...

Apr 26, 2021

59 Minutes


Tommy Salmons is the host of the Year Zero podcast and a contributor at

Tommy has been doing in-depth research on what the World Economic Forum is calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution. He discusses his finding with Pete.

Tommy at LibertarianInstitute

The Fourth Industrial...

Apr 23, 2021

40 Minutes


John Bush is an entrepreneur and one of the co-hosts of Pete's side-podcast, Unloose the Goose.

John joins Pete to talk about some of the basics of cryptocurrency and an upcoming online course he's offering titled, "Demystifying Crypto."

Link to Demystifying Crypto

Brave Botanicals

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Apr 21, 2021

56 Minutes


Pete welcomes the infamous @neoconremover_ from Twitter to the show. They begin talking about making memes on Twitter to attack the Left with and they jump into strategy and especially that of Hoppe's "What Must Be Done."

Neoconremover on Twitter

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