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The Pete Quinones Show

Feb 27, 2023

94 Minutes


Owen Benjamin is a husband, father and a comedian.

Owen joins Pete to tackle numerous subjects including arguing online, the Trans agenda, people choosing their faith for other than spiritual reasons and a few more.

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Owen's Bitchute...

Feb 24, 2023

70 Minutes


Yizz is the host of the Yizz the Eunuch channel on YouTube.

Yizz joins Pete to talk about the message of the book, "Go Free: A Guide to Aligning with the Archetype of Westernkind," by Jason Köhne. They discuss the subtle ways in which anti-white and anti-western ideas infiltrate the general public's...

Feb 22, 2023

63 Minutes

Some Strong Language

Thomas777 is a revisionist historian and a fiction writer.

Pete and Thomas address the claim that Christianity is a cul de sac of controlled opposition and the Bible is a blueprint of Jewish domination over Gentiles.

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Thomas' Substack

Feb 20, 2023

58 Minutes


Tommy Salmons is a writer and host of the Year Zero podcast at The Libertarian Institute.

Tommy joins Pete to give an overview of his 3+ years of research into ESG, DEI, and what the elite's plans are for the future.

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Tommy at LibertarianInstitute

Feb 17, 2023

84 Minutes


Bird is one of the hosts of the Timeline Earth Podcast.

Bird joins Pete to reveal the players and philosophy behind Japan's helping build and train the radical Black Militant movement of the 20th century in the United States.

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Timeline Earth Podcast