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The Pete Quinones Show

Jul 30, 2023

112 Minutes

PG-13 Devon Stack is the host of the Black Pilled stream on Odysee.

Devon joins Pete to discuss the nature of man, bees and the very political sphere we operate in.

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Black Pilled

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Jul 27, 2023

66 Minutes


Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson is a researcher, writer, and former professor of History and Political science, specializing in Russian history and political ideology.

Dr. Johnson starts off by giving a description of the Khmelnytsky Uprising that took place in Poland and Lithuania between 1648 and 1657. It...

Jul 25, 2023

67 Minutes

Some Strong Language

Ian Smith came to fame during the COVID lockdowns when he chose to reopen his gym against NJ ordinance," bringing the heat of the State and public opinion down upon him.

Ian joins Pete to talk about his political journey and some of the attention he's drawn recently by asking taboo...

Jul 23, 2023

54 minutes


Thomas777 is a revisionist historian and a fiction writer.

Thomas talks about the 1935 racial laws that determined who and who wasn't a Jew in Germany.

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Thomas' Book "Steelstorm Pt. 1"


Jul 20, 2023

60 Minutes


Scott Howard is the author of three books: The Transgender Industrial Complex, The Open Society Playbook, and The Plot Against Humanity.

Scott joins Pete to cover the threadline through his trilogy of books on who is driving society to its death.

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