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Free Man Beyond The Wall

Mar 1, 2021

54 Minutes

Some Strong Language

Doc is a friend of Pete's from Twitter who comes on the show to talk about a couple subjects. First, he talks about his time working for The Humane Society undercover at farms and facilities where he was supposed to get secret video footage and keep a diary of animal abuses. He talks...

Feb 26, 2021

57 Minutes


Karen Keener is the proprietor of and one of Pete's closest confidants. 

Karen joins Pete to share her thoughts about why Americans appear to no longer have a line when it comes to growing tyranny.

Karen on FaceBook

Get Autonomy

19 Skills PDF Download

Feb 24, 2021

55 Minutes

Suitable for All Ages

Independent journalist Jeremy R. Hammond returns to the show and starts by talking about his background and how he got into investigative journalism. He then discusses what he sees as the effects of the insane money printing over the last 12 months as well as commenting on Trump's...

Feb 22, 2021

58 Minutes

Some Strong Language

Clint is the host of the Liberty Lockdown Podcast and a former private money mortgage broker.

Clint joins Pete to explain why the government's actions in the last 12 months is setting up a housing/real estate crisis that will be devastating. He and Pete also talk about the human toll...

Feb 19, 2021

63 Minutes


Matt Freeman is a Vet and the host of the Statist Quo podcast. 

Matt returns to the show to talk to Pete about another gun bill that is making its way through Congress, HR127. They discuss its implications, whether they believe it can be passed, and have a general discussion about gun culture in the...