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Free Man Beyond The Wall

Apr 19, 2019

116 Minutes

A Little Strong Language

Pete invited Scott Horton to come on the show to talk about his memories of the Waco Massacre and to tell the story of the State's siege on a church group.

Scott also comments on the Julian Assange situation and Trump's veto of the Yemen War Powers Resolution.

Scott's Waco Archive

Apr 17, 2019

56 Minutes

Safe for Work

Pete welcomes Brad Binkley to the show. Binkley is the co-host of the 'Monica Perez Show' on WSB radio in Atlanta as well as the 'Propaganda Report' podcast.

Pete asked Binkley to come on and talk about the deep-dive research he's done into the background of figures such as Donald Trump,...

Apr 15, 2019

65 Minutes

Suitable for All Audiences

Jeremy R Hammond returns to the show and was gracious enough to do a live Ask Me Anything for my Patreon supporters.

He addresses questions on his research into vaccine safety, the Israel/Palestine conflict, the Federal Reserve and how he got into investigative journalism.

Apr 12, 2019

49 Minutes

Some Strong Language

Pete invited the creator of the social media account 'Whiskey and Rebellion' to come on and talk. 'Whiskey" has been putting out some amazing memes and posts so Pete wanted to get a little into his background.

It turns out that 'Whiskey' is a West Point graduate who was released early...

Apr 10, 2019

32 Minutes

Suitable for All Ages

Pete talks to former Israeli resident, and current libertarian/anarchist, Kalmen Barkin about the implications of the 04/09/19 Israeli Elections with some background on the political parties and processes.

Kalmen on Twitter

Pete's Patreon

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