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The Pete Quinones Show

Jun 29, 2019

100 Minutes

A couple curses here and there

With the passing of the great Justin Raimondo, Pete invited Scott Horton to come on the show and talk about his legacy as an anti-war activist. Scott talks about how Justin was probably the most important writer of the 2000s and gets into info on the wars many would not have...

Jun 28, 2019

34 Minutes


With the Libertarian Institute releasing the book entitled, "No Quarter: The Ravings of William Norman Grigg," Pete invited one of Will's personal friends, AJ Ellis, to come on the show and talk about his friendship with Will Grigg. They discuss the importance of Will's fight against the leviathan...

Jun 26, 2019

70 Minutes

Rated PG-13

Economist Gene Epstein returns to the show to discuss the causes of the 2008 Housing Bubble. Gene does start off with a critique of Episode 273 which focused on objections to cryptocurrency.

Gene is the founder of the Soho Forum debate series which everyone should try to attend at some time.


Jun 24, 2019

58 Minutes

Rated PG-13

Per Bylund returns to the show to explain why poverty is the default  state, and how prosperity is the goal. He discusses the best ways to make prosperity happen and then answers some questions on what a truly free and open society would be like on a day to day basis.

Per on Twitter


Jun 21, 2019

36 Minutes


Pete accepted an invitation by Tommy Salmons of the Year Zero podcast to come on and talk about the documentary he's co-producing. Pete and his partners are writing and shooting a documentary on the history of government and the transition into a stateless society that will feature interviews by Ron...