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The Pete Quinones Show

Feb 28, 2020

81 Minutes

Adult Themes

Pete invited the producer and narrator of the documentary that blew the lid off of the government lies about the Waco Massacre, Dan Gifford, to the show.

Pete asks Dan pointed questions about the government narrative and lets Dan debunk them.

Dan's Latest Waco Article

Waco Rules of Engagement

Feb 26, 2020

43 Minutes


Pete invited the founder and lead host of the terrestrial radio show Free Talk Live to come on the show. FTL is broadcast on over 200 radio stations 365 days a year delivering messages of voluntaryism, anarchy, cryptocurrency, peace and whatever the callers want to talk about. 

Pete and Ian talk about...

Feb 23, 2020

46 Minutes


Pete invited Monica Perez to return to the show to go over what we know about the coronavirus and to theorize as to what the lasting implications of a global pandemic scare may be.

Monica is the host of The Monica Perez Show on WSB radio in Atlanta and co-host of The Propaganda Report with Brad...

Feb 19, 2020

66 Minutes

Suitable for All Ages

Pete invited Stephan Kinsella to return to the show. Stephan is an American intellectual property/patent attorney, author, and anarcho-capitalist.

Pete asked Stephan to come on and share his opinion that China is in fact, NOT "stealing our I.P." Stephan gives a primer as to why...

Feb 17, 2020

79 Minutes

Some Strong Language

Pete invited Richard Grove to return to the show to give an overview of the legacy of the presidency of Woodrow Wilson, explaining how his reign, more than any, led to the Leviathan government we have today.

Richard is the proprietor of and the creator of the "Autonomy"...