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The Pete Quinones Show

Sep 28, 2018

80 Minutes

Not Safe For Work

Mance welcomes Jen the Libertarian, Sherry Voluntary and Raylene Lightheart. Having dedicated two podcasts to the Cody Wilson situation, Mance decided that a woman's perspective was needed. He invited the liberty trio to come on and give their opinions about the laws being used in the case,...

Sep 26, 2018

31 Minutes

Suitable for all ages

Mance welcomes Philip Weiss to the show. Philip is an American journalist and founder/co-editor of the foreign policy website Mondoweiss. 

Philip is an expert on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and reports all aspects of it on his site.

Mance asked Philip to come on to talk specifically...

Sep 24, 2018

55 Minutes

NSFW Language

Mance welcomes Quincy Johnson to the show. Mance discovered Quincy through Twitter and they have been following each other and interacting for almost 2 years.

Quincy is an anomaly on social media in that he keeps it positive and only has a confrontation to address outright stupidity and...

Sep 22, 2018

I just wanted to update my thoughts on how I view the Cody case and how it should be used as a condemnation of the "Justice" System.

Sep 21, 2018

51 Minutes

Mance welcomes Stephen, the AnarchoChristian to the show. After witnessing a post on Facebook claiming that it is impossible for a Christian to be an anarchist, Mance wanted to have someone on the show to counter this claim. Stephen has a website, podcast, and Facebook and Twitter page dedicated to answering...