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The Pete Quinones Show

Mar 30, 2022

92 Minutes


Taylor Shiring is the lead business developer at

Pete invited Taylor to come on the show to read and comment on chapter one of the Hans-Hermann Hoppe book published by The Mises Institute, "Getting Libertarianism Right." Chapter One is adapted from a speech Dr Hoppe delivered at his Property...

Mar 27, 2022

99 Minutes


Bird is one of the hosts of the Timeline Earth Podcast

Bird joins Pete to have a discussion about the Russia/Ukraine situation in which they read an article by Vladimir Putin's "spiritual advisor," Alexandr Dugin titled, "End of history that has never happened and Russian war on the liberal...

Mar 25, 2022

81 Minutes

Some Strong Language

Jeremy and Grant are the hosts of the Contra Gentiles podcast

Pete had Jeremy and Grant on to discuss politics in a world dominated by subjective truth and morality, but they get into discussions about the viability of libertarianism/anarchism in the real world, democracy and...

Mar 23, 2022

84 Minutes

Not Safe For Work

Zach Brown is the host of The Unfit Statesman podcast

Pete invited Zach to come on to hit a bunch of topics including transgenderism in sports and the military, and of course, Ukraine

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Mar 20, 2022

57 Minutes NSFW

Pete did a livestream to give his take on how the regime has exposed that it cares for the Ukrainian people, while it hates you

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Mises Birmingham Event 

Borders, Guns and Nationalism