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The Pete Quinones Show

Aug 28, 2019

38 Minutes

Descriptions of Graphic Violence

Pete asked Michael Bell Sr. to come on the show and talk about the 2004 murder of his son by Kenosha, Wisconsin police. Mr. Bell tells the story in graphic detail and specifically talks about the active cover-up by the police department to absolve themselves of blame. One officer involved has since taken his own life but two, including the Lt. who gave the order to shoot, and the order follower who pulled the trigger, have suffered no consequences even after it was proven they acted purposefully to cover this up.

The emails mentioned are listed below. Please mention Wisconsin Attorney General, Josh Kaul, in the email and it will be seen.,   Ashley Viste Wisconsin Attorney General Chief of Staff,, Eric Wilson WI DOJ Deputy Attorney General
Michael Bell Op Ed in the Washington Post
Chicago Tribune Story
Michael Sr. Takes a Knee at Football Game Story
CBS National Story
"Forensically Impossible"
"The Shooting Officer Confronts Michael Sr."
A Plea for Change Website
Indiegogo for The Monopoly on Violence

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